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About Me

Growing up, I often felt a gap between who I was inside, with my rich imagination, and the face I showed to my family and the world. I found connections between these two parts of myself through nature, animals, music, and stories, especially those epic mythic adventures where I imagined walking alongside heroes and heroines.

Building a successful career checked all the right boxes, but left me feeling isolated and inexplicably melancholy for a life I knew was mine but couldn't quite grasp.

Discovering Psychosynthesis was a turning point. It provided a skillset to bridge my inner and outer selves. Psychosynthesis is a psychological model that heals and develops the personal psyche while also fostering our connection to the transpersonal or spiritual, however that manifests for each of us.

This open system supports us in integrating all aspects of ourselves through connection, reflection, and creativity, allowing our unique, delightful, and idiosyncratic parts to come together as a whole. I realized it’s absolutely okay just to be me.

Now, I have the privilege and joy of supporting my clients in their own unfolding journeys. Helping them bridge their inner and outer worlds is a deeply fulfilling experience.

Lying in Green Field

Equilibrium for All

Our experiences of the world can leave us feeling overwhelmed and anxious, depleted and exhausted. 

Our nervous system can lose its ability to find equilibrium leaving us  feeling like robots running on empty. 

I will lead you through re-establishing equilibrium then deepening into those skills to adopt them as your own

Person standing on a balcony


What will you do with your one wild and precious life?

In managing the everyday we can lose sight of what gives us joy, of our dreams. At times we feel that anything but survival is beyond us. 

Working gently to enable you to replenish your depleted heart the path to your personal life vision will slowly and gently begin to emerge.

Person standing on a balcony

My Qualifications and Professional Memberships


  • MA Management Learning - Lancaster University

  • PGDip Psychosynthesis Counselling - Psychosynthesis Trust, London

  • Equine Facilitated Interactions - Athena Herd Foundation

  • Reiki - Sechim and Angelic,  Master Practitioner and Teacher

  • Corporate Coaching - Corporate Coach University

  • NLP Master 


  • BACP Accredited (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy)

  • ​ACCPH​ Member

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