I’m Here for You

Life throws many things at us which can knock us off our feet, especially with recent events; anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and family issues to name but a few. Many of my clients have come to counselling feeling anxious, sad, frustrated, lonely, depressed, angry and in each case we have been able to work together to understand your feelings and support you to live your life more fully.

I provide a safe, non-judgemental and confidential environment in which you can explore issues which may be troubling you. I will work with you towards greater self-understanding, self-acceptance and a more fulfilling way of dealing with the difficulties you are currently experiencing.

Maybe you are ‘stuck’ in old patterns and have unfinished business from the past. Are experiencing anxiety or low self esteem that are stopping you from living more fully? I will support you in growth, self acceptance and fuller self-expression. I also work with CBT and mindfulness techniques.

I work with anxiety, relationship issues, depression, anger, self-esteem issues, sexuality and sexual issues, family issues, addiction and addictive behaviours, loss and life transitions.

I offer a gentle, empathetic Heart Space to support and guide you to feel safe enough to function in your life and to heal and find joy and relaxed contentment, even in the midst of life’s challenges.

I work gently to support your nervous system to come into equilibrium while also enabling you to explore your internal landscape and recover those parts of yourself that love and enjoy life; your creativity, your self-belief and are able to contemplate and follow your dreams.

We can either meet in person at my room in Crediton or virtually, whichever is most comfortable for you.
If this sounds like it would be of help, please do get in touch and either call me on 07977 405043 or email me with a click of the button below.